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    Ravi Vaid

    Ravi Vaid has been a qualitative researcher for mrc for the past 8 years. He coordinates projects and is a highly experienced interviewer.

    In addition, he is also a successful and versatile creative performer who is active in film, music and the arts in general.


    Dr. Werner Schaeppi

    Werner Schaeppi founded mrc in 1991.

    He is a highly esteemed researcher, coach and consultant in social and advertising psychology, the semantics of architecture, marketing communication and brand experience.


    Silvia Büchler

    Silvia Büchler is responsible for all administrative matters at mrc. Apart from being CFO, human resources manager and main contact for our partners, she manages quantitative and qualitative projects in a variety of research fields.

    Being a trained marketing and economics specialist, she has been one of the people who have shaped the institute since 1999.


    Claudia Gratz

    Claudia Gratz is a graduate sociologst/political scientist and consultant at mrc.


    Dr. Mauro Frech

    Mauro Frech has been working as a researcher and marketing profiler for 25 years.

    Being a historian and linguist, his approach to research and analysis is enriched by a creative distance and context-orientation. He has been CEO of mrc since 1997.



  • 20.09.2017

    new strategic partnership

    We are delighted to have been awarded the strategic partnership by SBB for qualitative research … and look forward to further cooperation and new challenges.

  • What we do

    ResearchWe explore potential brands in all areas of marketing and communication. Consulting: We help our clients to convert data into deeds. Because even the best insights are of no use if they are not transformed into actions.

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